Shaheta is a master story weaver. Her stories take you on many unpredictable rides that leave you wanting more from her characters. She has penned over 7 complete novels and an archive of novellas and other stories ready to hit the market. Her signature collection Diary of a Thug is a series you definitely want to start with. It's not just a series it is an experience, a smooth collection of education, metaphors, and a ton of life lessons. 

Shaheta is not your typical urban writer she has fallen into the African American Literature category with a little bit of a  twist of her own.


She hails from the Motor City of Detroit and is headed into a world of her own one page at a time.
Shaheta is available for talks, workshops and  book signings. Email her at authorshaheta@gmail.com. 

Also go ahead over and hang out with her on all social media platforms. Let your hair down, unwind, pour a glass of wine and chill. 

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